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Infrastructure Design

Cloud Services

A Cloud-based solution refers to On Demand services, computer networks, data storage, infrastructures, applications or resources that are accessible via the internet.

The benefits of Cloud based solutions for users and corporations include increased capacity, scalability, functionality, reduced maintenance costs for company's infrastructure and personnel.

Whether your servers are installed in the cloud or on your business premises, our services cover all stages of their installation, configuration, optimization and security.

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Ransomware Protection

Take security into your own hands

Antivirus solutions used to provide all the security you needed but that is not the case anymore.


Our answer to the new continuously evolving cyber-security threats is our service Ransomware Protection.


We secure your data using various layers of security physically separated. No single point of failure for your important data.

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IP Call Center

IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) technology is coming to replace the classic and complex call centers.

The users of an IP PBX Call Center communicate both externally and internally through telephony or video conferencing regardless of their geographical location with no additional cost.

The devices you already have at your disposal, such as computers, tablets or mobile phones, are enough to get your own IP Call Center.

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IT Automation

Eliminate manual processes by automating your business.

The repetitive, monotonous and time-consuming processes required to maintain your IT infrastructure no longer need to be performed manually.

Automating your business, either on the cloud or in your company, with CoreNetworks' IT Automation solution will save you time, money and personnel, which can then be relocated as needed.

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Infrastructure Security

Prevention, automation and transparency under a single fixed-cost contract.

IT Secure is a complete management and security service offered by CoreNetworks.

It combines automated network and services administration with malware and spyware protection. Our ITSecure solution is achieved through specialized network and application security management software.

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Corporate Network Support

CoreNetworks provides customized technical support services based on the specific needs of your business.

Manage the productivity of electronic information without having to worry about day-to-day maintenance with CoreNetworks' IT Support.

Our service works as if you have your own IT department in charge of your business network. We provide ongoing monitoring of your systems, preventive maintenance and ongoing support. We will focus on your business and employees, in order to meet your unique needs.

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Industrial Security

Industrial Security has never been more important.
Industrial plants vulnerable to cyber-threats are bound to cost your time and money when cyber-attacked.

Our Company shields industrial networks according to the ISA 62442, NIST Special Publications, ISO / IEC 27000 standards.

At the same time, our cyber security solutions are vendor agnostic, and therefore Return of Investment (ROI) is available from the first year.

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About Us

Our expertise

Our extensive experience around the IT market gives us a unique advantage. We can provide high quality IT integration, cloud and support services, operating independently or as part of your existing IT team.

Our values

In our daily work, we aim at a balanced cooperation between companies, employees and customers. Together, we are able to utilize new technologies as a lever for innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

Our goal

Our goal as a company is a dynamic, flexible and market-oriented development. In order to be the first choice for our customers and employees, we pursue a transparent strategy and set ambitious corporate goals.

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